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Ensemble Studios - ES_Sandyman - "I like it."

Ensemble Studios - Captn_Kidd - "That modpack rocks!"

Heaven Game's Seraph - Chooch709 - "Awesome, truly awesome ... WFS did a kickass job on this. I can't believe how awesome it was!"

BluesNews.com - "Rome at War, which is billed as 'possibly the largest modpack to date' for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, has been released. The mod is one of the rare complete total conversion projects, and it features five new units, 35 new buildings, a completely reworked interface and lots more."

Angel Chris - "Storming the Mod world today is a terrific looking piece of work by Wildfire Studios! There's just no way to describe the results of this mod that will do it justice."

TheEnragedSquirrel - "This is easily the best mod in the history of AoK and AoC. This is a must download for all players into mods."

Chooch709 - "Way to go, WFS...you guys did an awesome job."

Flavius Aetius - "WOW!!! WFS did a top notch job on this one! This is for sure a worth-while download."

Charging_Knight - "Excellente! Encore! Bravo! It looks like nothing is ever gonna beat this! You've done it again! Excellent job."

Parappa - "This mod is great, I nearly died when I saw all the detail put into this mod. This mod is, hands down, the best mod out there!"

Tru_Knight - "This is truly the best mod ever made for AOK. Thanks for making such a great mod."

Big Travis - "Awesome, simply awesome."

Ricky the Great - "Of all the MPs I've downloaded, this is above all. You even changed the relics. This MP is the best and I recommend it to everyone."

ElfTheHunter - "This Mod-Pack has been nominated for an Orion Award for Best Mod-Pack. Congratulations!"

Subramaniam - "Mind blowing mod pack! Rome at War is the best mod I have ever seen!"