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Favourite TV show thing ...

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Well, we all love TV right?

These days, popular TV shows like Prison Break, Lost, Surface, Supernatural among others are on the screen ...

Just wondering, whats your favourite? I have to say Prison Break, because its really exciting. And its one of the first shows i watched ...

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BSG is the story of roughly 50,000 human survivors of a human civilization in space. The 12 homeworlds were destroyed by a race of mechanical beings known as the Cylons (uber cool looking) in a massive attack. As many of the human survivors as possible band together and head out on a journey to find the fabled lost colony of Earth. The titular ship is the Galactica of the Battlestar Class, a large combat space carrier. The whole show revolves around that machinantions of the fleet's operations and attacks by the Cylons, who are slowly growing into a highly complex people despite their artificial beginnings.

Great acting, great writing, amazing visuals and special effects. We're just finishing up Season 2 here in Canada and I am eagerly anticipating Season 3 :P Actually our good old leader Jason is a fan as well :P

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I love 24. It is one of the best shows out there!

Prison Break, NCIS, House, Lost, Bones, CSI: Vegas, CSI: Miami, My Name is Earl, Monk, 4400, The Shield, Numb3rs, Family Guy, South Park, Simpsons, King of the King.

Those are most of the shows I watch in an average week. :P O fcourse there are more, can't think of all of them now.

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King Tutankhamun: guess we now know that you are a TV guy =P

Whats King of the King? :P

Sounds like a fun show Paul, ill have to check it out sometime :P

goldenratiophi: whats that about? :>'

Edit: Desmond ... i love 24 as well, i skip soccer practice om thursdays to watch it ... its really a great show!

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24 is my favorite show as well. (Woot, 2 hour finale next Monday! :P) Other than that, I like watching Nova (science documentary show), and recently American Inventor (probably the only "reality" show I'll watch).

I've been contemplating getting into Lost, but have managed to hold out so far. :D When I first saw the promos when the show was just getting started, I thought it looked kind of lame... then I saw something about the conspiracy on the island and the "Dharma Initiative" and it sounded a *bit* more interesting. (actually, my first thought was "Wow, that sounds like Myst")

We recently got a DVR (ReplayTV 5080, upgraded it to a 200GB hard drive), so we don't have to reschedule our entire day around 24. ;) (yes, we got a DVR partially because of one show) It's turned out to be immensely helpful, even though I don't watch a whole lot of TV. The sweetest feature is being able to transfer shows between other people with the same DVR (which is why I got an older model off eBay; they canceled that feature later). There's a whole site set up for show requests and whatnot. Pretty fun to play with :P

And Prison Break ... i have seen all the way to ep. 21... which is the season finale?

According to this page, #22 is the final episode of season 1.

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Going along with DVR's.... I love our HD Tivo, its awesome. Stores 200+ hrs of SD or about 30 hrs HD. The cool thing is most of the primetime shows (from the 'local' networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) have their hit shows in HD. And the picture looks great on the broadcast.

Right now I think we have about 25 season passes set up. :P So we'll never miss a new episode whenever the show appears on tv.

It'd be very different with out my Tivo

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