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TG crashed but my crashlog.txt is very old


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1 hour ago, seeh said:

what it means when

TG crashed but my crashlog.txt is very old (4.11.) ?

BTS interestinglog.html is from now (12.11.)

I just want be sure that it not crashed because of me.

Means it crashed before generating a crashlog. Sadly not much to do here.

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People tend to use the word "crash" or "ddos" loosely. In many cases they mean that they merely got disconnected from the game.

Examples of things that can cause one or more players to get disconnected from the game: the host closes the game intentionally (and claims that the game crashed), the host's game actually crashes (ie. an exception occurs and the process is terminated by the operating system) due to a bug in the game or a mod, the host's PC crashes or spontaneously reboots, the host's Internet connection fails, a DoS attack occurs on the host or clients (causing immediate disconnection of one or more clients or game crash of one or more clients), a DDoS attack occurs on the host, unreliable hardware, software or Internet connection for the host or client, or unknown reasons.

It would help if people were careful about using the correct language to describe the symptoms.

I just had an insight about a mod that could cause the game to crash or at least get OOS errors at seemingly random times. The feldmap mod is marked with "IgnoreIncompatibilityChecks", which makes it optional and does NOT ensure that players have the same version of it when they connect. There are occasional updates to it, and it's easy for players to be using different versions. I think that people should use community-maps-2 instead of feldmap if they want to use Mainland Balanced/TG,. This is because community-maps-2 is not marked with "IgnoreIncompatibilityChecks" and therefore will ensure that players have the same version of it.

Ideally people would treat DDoSes and DoSes more like vehicle collision scenes with injuries. When there is such a vehicle collision, everyone waits until police arrive, there is documentation and photography of the area, questioning of the drivers and witnesses, and an investigation process. The only difference is that in our case, everyone is the police, since WFG can't be expected to provide staff for documenting this.

If you want help determining what caused the game to crash or get disconnected, please contact me via PM or IRC, and I'll help you with the troubleshooting and analysis process. Especially the frequent game hosters should please share their observations in order to help WFG narrow down what's causing multiple players to have game crashes or disconnections. If we can identify a pattern, for example, players with certain hardware have a significant amount of crashes or disconnections, then we can narrow down the possible causes and eventually fix the problem.

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