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Hey WFG ... sap ? :p

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Hello all :)

What is going on at WFG these days? :>

Just gonna tell everyone who cares (probably not that many..) a little about whats going on with me atm...

I am playing in Diversity, a Counter Strike clan, changed name from "WarLord", because it was kinda old .. .:D

Actually attending a LAN this weekend, gonna win some money, like $3000 or something, and playing with local friends.

I had English term thing today, went totally bad ;\\\\

Anyway, ill try to be more active on the forums from now on ... been away from quite a while... Really miss all the people (not like MISS miss, but in a internet miss kind of way... :angry: )

But whats up here? Is there anyone from the "old days?" left? :> Talk to me :wine:

And sorry for making this thread, im sure you get like 5 of these a day, but i did it anyway.


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No, or. .. well, nothing BIG. Was planning a trip to spain, but i guess it didnt work out =\

But i am going to Stavanger, a town west in Norway. It has a reputation for having beautiful girls :)

And im back to stay =P I'll start some threads some day... just have to get the feeling... i kind of dropped out of all the forums i hung on a while ago ... when i started playing CS more seriously, but it has calmed down a lot.

Anyway, hows it going for you Paul? How is the game coming along? I have checked the 0ad site regularly, but not the forums much =\

Anyone seen curufinwe? havent talked to him in _ages_ !

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Life is going great :) I've just finished my last final, so this year of university is done. Time to make some money for next year! :D

The game is coming along quite nicely. You have had a chance to look at the screenshot section of the site I'm sure. That gives a great visual reference to the game's status. And there is always something new being added.

Curu, good question, he's just up and disappeared. But I'm sure he's going to turn up. As I said before, a lot of older members are coming back :angry: We know its really happening when Aldaron or frieddog shows up.

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Hey Øyvind! :D I'm still here, do I count as part of the "old days"? :)

Great to hear that you're doing well. I'm working away at schoolwork and some projects so I haven't been doing a whole lot of WFG work lately, unfortunately. I'm trying to work my schedule around so that I can do more.

Great to hear from you! :angry:

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Haha, Yes, you are a big part of the "old days" :)

@Paul: Good luck with the jobs :D Hope you make a lot of money, or at least find something that you enjoy doing, that counts just as much.

@Desmond: Haha, thanks :angry: We just found out (1 day before leaving) that the LAN we were attending was changed their time sceduals (sceduals...? :wine:) so we couldn't attend :<

I guess ill have to talk to him on MSN sometime, i have seen him on but not really had the time to find out about everything :<

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Haha, just "hey" then gone? :D

haehhea, i actually talked to Brian on MSN not long ago, he told me he had so much to do... or something, but think his gonna be back soon. I didnt talk so long because it was really like in the USA :angry:

Schedules, ill remember that :))

Anyway ... whats up with my avatar saying something about steal ... ? :wine: I have not stolen anything ! :\\

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That's probably because it's hotlinked from another site (like http://somesite.com/someimage.jpg). It's considered impolite to do this, and some sites ban it (because it sucks up extra bandwidth) and put up notices like yours. The polite thing to do is to download the image and put it up on a free webhost or your own web server (some/most ISPs give you a couple of MB of free hosting space) and point your avatar there instead.

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