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How stupid do they think I am?

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Well, I just ended my second scam bait today. It went fairly well, except I would've been more convincing had I given the person a phone number. Instead, I stalled on both sending him money and giving him a phone number, and maybe payed the price...

+forged boarding pass and flight to Nigeria

+maintained that I fled the United States on account of lawsuit threats from Greenpeace

+got scammer to wait for me in an airport holding a sign that read "B4LLS"

+signed all my letters "homie," developed my fake identity and pretentious vocabulary

-almost, but didn't quite get reservations at Le Meridien, the most expensive hotel in Lagos, Nigeria... they would've cost over a grand US anyhow

-ended in about two weeks and the man hates me now

Take a look at all the pictures, browse our correspondence, and check out the nasty burn e-mail I sent him at the end. Altogether a hilarious hobby.

EDIT: Well crap the word doc won't attach for some reason... Let me try something else

EDIT: PM me for the correspondence. I promise it'll be worth it. Well, here's my final e-mail to him for now:


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