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Caesar goes to Rome

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Lol, I'm already back :shrug:. I've been too busy to post (work, school, ect.) since I got back on monday, but I have some time now.

I did take lots of pictures, especialy of Vatican City. The coliseum is great and huge, but its really decaying from pollution and grime. The Pantheon is amazing and provides us with a nice snapshot of Roman architecture. St. Peter's Basilica is simply breathtaking- I never knew humans could build such things. The Vatican museums are very interesting, but we only saw a small part of them. Probably the best part of the trip is when we met with the Pope himself.

I took pics, but they are all film (lost my digital cam), so I'll get around to scanning and posting them when I have more time.

I'll continue posting more about the trip when I have some more time ;)

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