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Today is my 19th Birthday!

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Alright everyone I am back! I got back yesterday, but I was pretty tired and it was late. I had wonderful time down south, got to shop at my favorite stores and eat out at my favorite restraunts. Though my Dad nearly embrassed me in one restraunt with his horrible off key catawauling (he does it on purpose, he can sing). For Presents I got:

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Star Wars: Republic Commando, Hard Contact

Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory

Age of Empires III


Civ IV

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Do you realize how stupid and potentially dangerous that goal is?

I suppose I will realize that after my 19th birthday, probably the next morning as I'm lying in the emergency room :P

Although luckily, I have inherited the family liver, which is a very good and strong liver :S

Besides, my sister taught me how to do it- eat lots of bread beforehand :P

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