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America Sends Cats to China


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America Sends Thousands of Cats to China

Recently, Congressman Fristish McBooger announced to thousands of Americans that he, the president of Cats for China, and his organization were shipping cats to China to help feed the millions of homeless and starving.

When confronted by the question of donated his own cat, McBooger denied that he ever had a cat at all. This statement, however, was discovered to be untrue, because he and his grey and white tabby cat, Fristish Jr, had posed in Zoo Children not three months before. McBooger then claimed he had borrowed the cat from his next door neighbor, Bridget Glip, but will not release any veterinarian information supporting this claim.

The cats will be sent to China in approximately three months, with more than 300 drop-off points across the United States. When interviewed, Cats for China worker Amy Anderson comments, “They’re coming in faster than we can pack them, now, thanks to generous citizens. We finally had to take the ‘Cat bacon’ and ‘Kitty sticks’ and rename them both ‘Cat ham,’ just to be more time efficient.”

Anderson also says that nothing goes to waste; even the fat is used to make candles for their fundraiser store. “Everything we don’t use here gets packed into cubes, soaked with the dirty fat, and shipped to the closest electrical plant to be burned as fuel,” says Samuel Anderson, Amy’s brother, “And just because our plan president is dishonest does not mean that we are.”

If you would like to donate to this chivalrous cause, please send your cat to:

5232 East Valleyway Avenue,

Liberty Lake, Washington,


Cats for China will take care of the packing, shipping, and distribution of the food.

Pictures will be released later.

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Gato is Spanish for cat.

The Chinese for cat is mao. (Of course, it's not written that way. :P)

What's everyone got against China? Seriously, just about everywhere I go, there are people racist against the "effing asians".

(No, I'm not offended or anything by this topic, but it's certainly an interesting observation for me. )

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Lol, I can't believe you havn't heard of eating frogs. They taste pretty nice, like Dnas said.

A freind went to China a few years ago, and brought me back a really disturbing picture of a couple shaved and sliced dogs sitting in the meat market... Honestly I didn't eat for a week. I love dogs. I didn't think it was a delicacy thing though, because the place where this picture was taken was a very poor place... maybe only cats or a delicacy?


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French eat frogs too, and French have amazing cuisine. I haven't eaten frogs but I've eaten snails in a French restaurant, they're delicious. (They're kind of like shrimp or squid, it's really not very weird).

I'm french! I'm french! lol. Yes, I think snails are rather good.

At the person above me: No, this article is not real. Matt (Clodhopper) and I wrote it.

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