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civ idea #2


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Reception to my previous post was overwhelming (for good reason). AoE devs contacted me for civ ideas but I reminded them that I am committed to 0ad

I have decided to present a new civ idea, based on the extensive research I did over the last few months (I have a degree in research, in case you've forgotten)

Civ Name: Morbius 2

This civ is slightly out of this game's rule book (500BC to 1BC, this civ existed between 600BC and 501BC), so it might not be added, but hey, at least you can learn a little about history or make a mod out of it. 

This civ only had men (that is why they died out after 99 years as they couldn't reproduce, and lifespan of a normal man is 99). Hence, you cannot forage or farm properly, but you can cut trees and mine metal/stone at 500% efficiency (They loved getting stoned, Historically).

Also, this civ should have a unique unit named Unique Man who is just like a regular citizen solider except he is unique (in some way, maybe we can have @elexis0addev come up with some ideas?)

Hope this civ sees the light of day



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