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Being banner foul langauge


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I was advised to contact you about a question.

i was banned last night from the multiplayer lobby for « foul language » not directed at anyone one in particular - at « politicians ». And I wasn’t able to play after that (I think).


how long do these/does this ban stay in effect?

and generally what are the policies regarding this? What words are allowed and which not?


thanks for your help and everything you do.

i love 0ad.

a farmer in the southwest of France.


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@ChesnutterIf you were simply kicked then you are able and allowed to reconnect to the lobby immediately. There are four English swearwords (the worst 4-letter words) that cause the profanity filter bot to auto-kick players.

If you were muted or banned then we need to know your lobby username and the approximate time and date that it happened. There is a possibility that you were auto-muted by the profanity filter bot, in which case only user1 can undo that currently. If you were manually muted or banned then it is usually intentional, and you can engage in the appeal process to try to have that lifted.

As far as the language that is considered against the rules, please read through the lobby legal terms, especially the Terms of Use.

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