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Sup Guys!


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Hey All...

My names Michael, im 17 (turning 18 in July) and I'm from merry old England.

Alot of people might recognize me from the Half Life community, especially Leak-Free under the nickname AciD, but some might also remember me from other communities aswell.

In the Command and Conquer community, my nicknames Anthrax, and im the leader moderator over at www.cnc-source.com, and in the Starwars Community my nickname varies from 'Burn' to 'Dis'.

My hobbies include Rugby, Gaming, and Conceptual Art.

For my tools of the trade, I use Good Old Graphite Pencils, Graphic Pens and Pastel Pencils, aswell as Corel Painter IX, Photoshop Elements with my Graphire WACOM Graphire III Graphics Tablet.

Great to be here all,


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