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0ad stupidity

king reza the great

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there is something wrong in 0ad. idk whether its a bug or just a big weak spot?

when units are fighting they will follow passive units (like passive hero) and the opponent units will kill them easily.

or a player move a small part of his army then opponent units will follow them while the rest units will destroy them.

players like vinme and jc abuse these weak spots and call it micro. while its not micro its just 0ad stupidity.

to remove this weak spots i have 2 suggestions

1- remove passive mod from heroes (or even soldiors ). why heroes and soldiors should be passive? are they coward?

2- limit number units who follow the opponent units. or force units to attack nearby units.


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1* you don't need to be in passive mode to lure ennemy units

2* luring always been a tactic deployed by smart strategists on battlefields (napoleon and gengis khan)  .. opposite to tactical cosmic that sends all and cross fingers

3* nobody can come with a clear line between "dance" , "micro" and moving units .. if your hero lost him self on the front lines , would you sacrifice it ? What's dance , moving the same unit 2 times per second ?  Seems that moving back all the front melee is already too much dance for you

4* "dance" has been removed already some versions ago .. the 'dance' will get some damage no matter what whilst it was possible to have any unit moonwalking taking 0 damages 

5* micro units is the answer that address the problem of short distance units bumping in each other.  Slingers are still superior to skirmishers if the terrain is not total clear.

6* anti-"dancers" are those who are generally angry to see their op ranged units losing a battle ...  " meeh, let me auto-spam units from 20 cheap wood barracks" 

7* yes, "dance" is more clicks .. you can still play simcity if you think that 0ad should be nothing else that ecobotting the fastest, send all and win on auto-pilot


11 hours ago, king reza the great said:

limit number units who follow the opponent units. or force units to attack nearby units.

bad idea for 2 reasons

- you may want the AI to compute at each frame -  instead of each command -  the closest enemy unit and this for each unit ..

- you really want the AI to cancel each of your command so that your units will run after the enemy hero dancing behind your lines ?  


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