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Sounds of Destruction


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The 0 A.D. Sound Team is currently staging a collaborative contest that could get your sounds in-game.

We are going to need a wide variety of destruction sounds for various towns, buildings, ships, etc and I got to thinking about how this could be a fun little diversion for anyone into making noise and generally causing a ruckus. That means YOU!

I want to stress that this contest is open to noise wizards of all experience levels. If you think you've got what it takes to make some aural mayhem, BRING IT ON!!!

Here's the idea:

Anyone who wants to participate will supply 5-10 original sound files that could make for good destruction layers. These can be impacts, debris, explosions, grinding, rumble, or anything you think would contribute to the creation of the sounds of destruction. These should be sourced by you, in the highest possible quality format, cleaned up and ready to use.

Once these have been assembled, everyone who is participating will each create as many final destruction sounds possible, with an ear to quality not quantity. How you assemble them is up to you, what they represent, how they sound...as long as you use ONLY the sound files provided, and whatever other tricks you know, to turn them into a symphony of destruction.

At the end, submissions will be categorized and arranged in blind & anonymous packages and we will hold a public poll where 0.A.D. Team and community members will have a chance to vote for their favorites. The winner of the poll will go on to fame and fortune, an announcement of the top 3 winners will be posted, and any sounds used in-game will be credited to the originator.

So let’s get this started:

Email me stating your involvement (at damian@wildfiregames.com), then start assembling your original sounds. Try to have everything ready for distribution by November 1st.

I will assemble a .zip of the final raw files and get them out to each participant, you will then have until December 1st to create as many destruction sounds as possible, all final submissions should be submitted directly to me and I will keep track of your contributions and assign a secret code to your files to keep things anonymous for the poll.

Keep in mind, any sound files you submit should be of your own sourcing and manipulation. Any contributions to the contest could end up in the final game, so you should be comfortable with our usage of your creations. If you are not, please do not sign up for the contest!

The poll will begin upon the turning of the New Year and run for about a week.

Drop me a line, round up your assets, the clock is ticking.

The urge to destroy is a creative urge!


Wildfire Games


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