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Phishing is outlawed!

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Yes, you heard me. Phishing has been officially outlawed in California.

Phishing in case you didn't know is to, "...solicit, request or induce a consumer to provide personal information by using e-mail, Web sites or the Internet to fraudulently impersonate a legitimate business."

So basically the passing of this law means less of those fake PayPal emails that request you to input your account number and password because an "invalid transaction" has occured. Then when you look at the web address, you notice that you are on a site like: "" So you know that the site is fake because it is in no way in any shape or form the PayPay domain.

I got a few emails myself and i input bogus information cursing them out and telling them they were worthless and that they would get what's coming. Good times. :) I just think it is wrong to prey on people just because they aren't computer savy.

Here is the full article on it(it is short):


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Digital crimes often need special laws applied to them. Otherwise, Napster would've been very easy to sue and prosecute. But, as you probably know, it was an arduous and emotional affair, with one prosecuter saying "we made it up as we went along".

Anyway.. I doubt the governer had anything real to do this, other than attempting to take credit for something in order to save himself from a 40 percent approval rating.

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And futhermore, its not like they'll be able to do anythign about it. Its like a speed limit on our nearby beltway.......yeah every now and then they give out tickets, make arrests, w/e as a token effort, but its not like they can make a significant dent in it. People are still doing, and probably will always do, whatever speed they feel like up there.

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