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What type of website have you always been looking for?

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Some very nice sites there, Morgan.

I do notice that many of those sites aren't the best examples of good usability and accessibility (some make extensive but unneeded use of Flash for example), while graphically they are quite appealing.

On topic:

What I'm missing on the web is a website centralising CSS tricks & hacks, usable and accessible AJAX, semantic XHTML, PHP OO design/patterns, usability best practices or good design tutorials exclusively related to modern web sites. There are quite a few for Javascript, procedural PHP, photoshopping, etc., but haven't seen one website yet doing one of the above topics.

Sure, you have Sitepoint, A List Apart, CSS Drive, Unmatched Style, etc. But the problem with those is that they either offer a few tricks/articles instead of most of them or they only write large (though extremely interesting) articles which are not usable as a reference.

So to summarize: I would like to see a website on modern web technologies that is practical to use. A bit comparable to W3Schools, but covering other topics and giving more detailed information.

Another thing I would like to see is a centralised personal posting system.

We're all active in various communities, forums and blogs, we comment Amazon products, interesting articles or reviews. That's all great, but sometimes it's a pain to remember what we've written in the past and where.

What if we would be able to have our own website containing everything we've written automatically and providing an interface to post replies or comment anything, without the need to go to an external website.


Someone posts a new topic here. Instead of going here I see the topic appearing on my personal website and reply to it there, instead of going here first and replying here.

I think this can be established using trackback/ping (for writing), RSS (for reading), XMLRPC / AJAX (for additional remote things) and OpenID (for global authorisation).

Problem is that this thing relies on 3rd party software that has to implement trackback collection and output for every forum topic or blog post (eg. showing the comments that have been posted remotely), OpenID log in (to authorise remote users) and RSS for practically everything (for not only syndicating posts but also replies and comments).

I believe Wordpress has already implemented most of these features, but I haven't seen one forum yet offering OpenID logins, RSS for replies and trackback for posts.

Maybe something for the near future :)

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