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First Thing How Will The Sound Be Composed For The Game.

Next How Will It Come About.All RTS Have Always Had A Very Low Sound Rating, Because They Always Have Just A single Song For Every Mission Playing Non Stop no Matter What.For 0Ad this Has To Change.Lets Say Things Are Suttle At The Moment So Theres A Bit Relaxing Kind Of Tune All Of Sudden Your Being Attacked In Massive Waves Shouldent The Music Changes Straight Into A Battle Theme Something Really Exciting To Get You Hyped And Actually Worry About The Attack.

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0 A.D. will feature a large number of original music tracks by Boris Hansen (Vaevictis). Each culture will have its own set of music, and each set consists of both 'battle tracks' (which play when combat ensues) and 'peace tracks' (which play outside of battle). Additionally, each culture has a victory and a defeat track that will play depending on the outcome of the game.

Downloads - Audio.

It would seem they are planning to do just that.

P.S. I found it very annoying and even hard to read your post. I'm pretty sure others will agree on this, please do not start every word with a capital letter.

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