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The establishment of a solid Sound Department is a clear sign that a project has grown to maturity. Why are we telling you this? Because 0 A.D. has recently formed a brand new team of 5 semi-professional sound designers to assist Carsten and Damian with the comprehensive task of 0 A.D.'s sound design. Damian has been promoted to Head of this department.

In Damian's own words:


"The Sound Department has recently assembled a team of fine individuals to aid in the creation of sound effects assets, and propel the audio side of 0 A.D. swiftly forward.

We are proud to introduce:

Andy Bayless (bluesquadron) www.andybayless.com

Andy is an accomplished independent musician/sound designer, and knows how to mess around proper with some sound. Ready to set the world on fire with his audio prowess

Ivan Roland Beres (roland) www.battlerats.com

Roland is a master of ambiance, soul musician extraordinary, and occasional animal tamer. He is active in the mod community, and has put mad hours into his sound library.

Kit Challis (browncoat) www.browncoat.co.uk

Kit is an established freelance audio/video producer, his passion for audio is equaled only by his passion for giant metal containers & security guards.

Ryan Nicholl (rnicholl) www.blue-sounds.com

Ryan is a bass guitar giant who plays and teaches bass to pay the bills. He is also a freelance audio lead for a company that develops soul sucking addictive slot machines...the perfect melding of twitch and adrenaline!

Mike Stanton (dungeonsound615) www.dungeonsoundlab.com

Mike comes to us with a passion for gaming and technical experience in live recording and sound mangling. His work with sourcing sounds and sound editing make him a perfect fit for the team.

Carsten and I are excited to continue the work we have started establishing a feel for the sound aspects of the game with the new blood.

Looking forward to greatness!

Damian Kastbauer [ aka LostChocolateLab ]

Wildfire Games Sound Effects Mind Bender

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