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YOUR Ancestors

Iberian Beast

Choose you greatest heritage(If present)  

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  1. 1. Choose you greatest heritage(If present)

    • Romans
    • Hellenes
    • Carthaginians
    • Iberians
    • Celts
    • Persians

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I Would Have You All Know Iam A Pure Carthaginian.Tunis To be More Exact.Yes My People Where Great If Not The Greatest Of The Rest (Romans,Celts,Iberian,Persian Etc...)    :banana:

Alot Of Italian Blood Here Tho ahhh Rome Was Nothing Compared To Carthaginian Naval Might.

Well. Rome was something. As they managed to deffeat Carthage an sea. No flame. Just kidding.

Actually, I haven't spotted Slavs. I'm from Czech Republic.

But latest research has discovered, that Czechs are rather of Celtic origin. We are perhaps clocest relatives of Scots, Welsh and Irish in continental Europe. That research also discovered, that every tenth European (Slav) has damaged some chromosome and it causes natural resistence to plague and AIDS as these disseases cannot use it to work effectively. Isn't it cool?

Actually Bohemia got its name from Celtic tribe named Boians. and our village in south-east of Czech Republic was founded by French, though this doesn't mean, that I have something Germanic in blood.

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celt-Iberian IBERIAN!!!!!!!!!!! LUSITANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megalitic cultures in Portugal rules!!!!!!!!! Lusitan tribes rules!!!! and they are consider Celt-Iberians or also a megalitic culture the first in hispanic lands! ´so I vote Iberians!

P.S:Anyone likes historical recreation?


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i guess some of you can figure me out since it comes from my nick, and my folks are not represented on the poll, its a shame i tell ya, its a shame... My mother is a viking, my father is a turkoman, i don't really know, :):D

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I think most people that live in Western Europe, ( even Italians and Greeks) have a lot of Germanic blood.

50 % of the voters claim to be celtic, but Ireland was invaded/colonized by both Vikings and the British.

Both Germanic tribes... but ofcourse you have some celtic blood.

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