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Hello from Italy :)

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Hello from Italy ;) Hey, cool board! :D

Many people here!

Well, time to introduce me... my name is Manuel Marino, and I'm a composer. Exactly, I own a recording studio, so the work is much more boring than just composing music... you know, arrange things, organizing projects, choosing the right guys for the right job and so on :(

What about you? where are you from and what's your job... but, more important, do you work in our industry? (videogames, film, television, media, etc etc).

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Hello Manuel, welcome aboard. :( Good to have one from Italy here ... I have been there twice already - once in Rimini (school trip! :D) and once in Venetia (awesome city).

My name is Tim, but you can call me Timbo. Together with my Community Guardians I hold the community part of the Wildfire Games fort. :P

In my real life I am currently a student in Berlin/Germany - it will be my last year before I will apply to an university.

Welcome again. ;)

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Ciao and thank you very much for all your greets! I don't really know how to thank all of you.. so many posts!!!

Amazing :D

I love to write in forums and I visit many, but I never seen such enthusiasm and darn... you are a great community!!! :)

So, what do we do now? a party? hey, where are the beers icons? ah, ok!! (:D (:lol: (B) (B)


Ah... about the nickname, I produced years ago some electronic music albums, using the pseudonym Vanethian... I'm in the Electronic Music Encyclopaedia too!!! :D

So you can call me that way, if you want, but since I compose orchestral music and manage a studio, I don't use that nick anymore :P

DarkAngel, you should come in Sicily!!! we have the best beaches in Italy... at the moment the island is full and very fun, you can imagine, during the summer period :D

About stereotypes... hey... we are in Sicily... so... let's begin the stereotypes about sicilians!!! Tons of beer for the one of you with the longest stereotypes list about Sicily ;)

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I'd love to live there too. I don't like dry or cold places. How's weather in Tuscany, Manuel? I'd like to visit it at least.

I'm Czech. BTW, welcome aboard.

I can tell you the weather in Tuscany was just great this summer, as I said, it`s my favourite place for a vacation :)

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