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Model Improvement - One of these models is not like the other.


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This may just be me but the model the left looks better (texture wise). I believe the person who created the model was probably still learning when they made the model on the right and as their skills improved they ended up with a model (texture) that you see on the left.

Of course I may just be imagining things...

If the model/texture on the left really is better, can anyone see what the original creater did differently?

My best guess is that when he applied the stone texture he applied more of the texture to the same area on the model - making it more detailed. In layman terms (because I am a layman myself), if he had a picture of a stone wall 1m x 1m and an object that was 2m x 2m, he used the entire 1m x 1m texture to cover the entire 2m x 2m object. For the less impressive object he only used 0.75m x 0.75m of the texture to cover the same area of 2m x 2m and so the texture needed to be stretched slightly. Making it hard (for me) to clearly see what is different about the two objects while at the same time making it clear that they definitely look different.

better than the other.png

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A few things, the texture density on separate parts of the roof are different on the right model, which looks unnatural, there was some consideration for the ridges of the roof on the left that is lacking on the right. the left model also uses parallax maps which let it interact more convincingly with the light source

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