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The work continues - Assistance with UV Unwrapping/UV mapping


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Hi guys, 

For some reason I am not seeing what I expect to see based on the tutorial videos I have watched for UV mapping/texturing. I want to give my castle-type models and extra texture so that I can visually upgrade them with one texture used to represent the stronger wall versus one being used to represent the weaker one. Here are the steps I did.

Do you have any advice?

The aim is to retexture the main body of the building but leaving the roof and windows alone so I have marked seams to separate them.





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Thanks for your reply. Nodes sounds a little bit more complicated (I did a quick read up on them). I assume this is for more advanced artists?

What I am trying to do is something that I have seen in video tutorials (but I can't keep up with what buttons they pressed or what they did). As far as I can tell they did not use nodes. Or could this be the step that I am missing completely?

What I am expecting to happen is for part of my model (the model minus the roof and windows) to be selected. From there I should have my texture of black stone wall and a small box surrounding part of the texture. I can then scall this box up and down to change the density of the texture. So for example, if I make the box over the texture bigger the result will be that a larger part of the texture is projected onto the model (minus the roof and windows).If I scale the box smaller than a smaller part of the texture will be used to cover the same area. The large the selection box, the more detailed the castle wall looks. If I make the selection box small then the texture is stretched across the mesh.

Can this be accomplished without nodes? Am I going about this the wrong way perhaps?

My latest attempt looks like this:


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He means you should set up a material using material nodes. But you did so already, you just didn't switch to textured mode. 

The selections between the two windows are in sync, so you can select a face and only that one will appear on the left pane.

You might also want to untriangulate your mesh using ALT+J. Careful about the roof, though.

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