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What are your favorites

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I just wanted to know: Who is you favorite actor? Who is your favorite actress? What is your favorite Band? Who is your favorite singer? What is your favorite book? What is you favorite movie(s)? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite radio station? What is you favorite color? and what is your favorite past-time? i like asking questions as your can see. Lol. :D My favorite actor is Tom Cruise, my favorite actress is Dakota Fanning. my favorite band is either The Killers, Bowling For Soup, Green Day, or Simple Plan. My favorite singer is Avril Lavinge, My favorite book is Joe's Luck, my favorite movie is either Rain Man, War of the Worlds, Finding Neverland, or I am Sam, I don't have a favorite food, my favorite radio station is 93 Zoo FM, and my favorite past time is either knitting, playing computer, watching TV, or reading. I look forward to reading your answers. :D

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I like...

Actor: Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt

Actress: This is a tough one, I'll repost if I can narrow it down past four

Movie: Oh no, another toughie. Probably Ocean's Eleven with Star Wars IV and Master and Commander close behind.

Color: Blue and Yellow, but not really together (reminds me of cubscouts)

Band: Green Day and Flogging Molly, but I'm also into classical, and my favorite there is Beethoven

Book: probably Lord of the Flies. What a great book...

Food: Anything you can get in Italy, read: pizza, pasta, ice cream (mmm :D)

Hobby: I compose music and run

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Me gusta.....

Actor: Arnold or Bruce Willis

Actress: humm, I don't know at the moment

Movie: Terminator 2, Scarface, Indiana Jones (I love tons of movies, but Terminator 2 is one of the best. :D )

Color: red, green, blue

Band: Run DMC, Jay-Z, Led Zep, Ludacris, Red Hot Chile Peppers (and lots more of different types)

Book: Deception Point, Prey, Digital Fortress

Food: pasta, pizza, sushi :D

Hobby: build electronic kits, watch tv, watch movies, play games, ect.

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hmm..good question

Actor: Jackie Chan

Actress: well, not Julia Roberts

Movie: Scarface, Terminator 2, The Matrix Trilogy, Equilibrium, X2, many more sci-fi types

Color: black and green

Band: Run DMC; Jay-Z; Ludacris; Foo Fighters; Jethro Tull; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Linkin Park, i guess

Book: The Da Vinci Code, The Lord of the Rings, Ender's Game

Food: Chinese, that's all i have to say

Hobby: i have interests not hobbies, hobbies cost money

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Actor: -

Actress: -

Movie: crouching tiger, hidden dragon (well, the last one i've seen)

Color: blue, red, green

Band: too many actually. I like experimental or folky stuff, as long as it isn't mainstream and commercial

Book: haven't read a novel for a while. Authors I like are Robert Jordan, Louis Paul Boon, Paul Mennes, Ben Elton, etc. I also like anything about history, design, art, linux or programming.

Food: pizza and chinese food

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Here's a lil' profile of me.

Actor - Either Russell Crowe or Brad Pitt

Actress - Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayak

Movie - Microcosmos or Napoleon Dynamite

Color - Grey and Magenta

"Band" - Well my favorite DJs are Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, and Armin van Buuren.

Book - Cien Años de Soledad (Gabriel García Márquez), Inferno (Dante Aligheri), Ficciones (Jorge Luis Borges), The Trial (Franz Kafka), The Fellowship of the Ring (J.R.R. Tolkien), The Brothers Karamazov (Fyodor Dostoevsky), 1984 (George Orwell)

Food - Rack of Lamb cooked with Cabernet Sauvignon, greasy philly cheesesteaks from the lunch truck across the street.

Hobbies - Reading, DJing, Collecting Music, Studying languages (el español actualmente), girlfriend, clubbing, laying out in the sun doing nothing, graphic design, blacksmithing.

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Actor: Derek Jacobi

Actress: Hmmmm don't really have one....for eye candy Monica Bellucci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Angelina Jolie are high up there. I guess I have something for dark haired Mediterranean women :D

Movie: Gladiator, although I also enjoy other sword and sandal flicks, along with Equilibrium, Top Gun, Bourne series, and martial arts movies like Mortal Kombat. As long as it has a reasonable amount of gratuitous fighting and violence in it, I'll probably like it.

Color: Black and red

Band: No real band that I like, my tastes are wide-ranging

Book: The Iliad of Homer

Food: Pizza, although I'm also partial to pastas of various forms

Hobby: Martial arts with a capital MA :D Although at this point I am limited to Asian styles, I plan to expand to European forms.

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I just got back from seeing Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Wow, was it good!

If Cinderalla Man, which I have yet to see, isn't top notch, then Brad Pitt if moving from actor number 2 on my list to replace Crowe as number 1.

Here are some more "favorites"

Funniest movie: Airplane, probably.

Funniest book: Catch 22, it's great! The dialogue is always hilarious.

Favorite place to visit: Not that I've really been to any place more than once, but the virgin islands are paradise!

Favorite TV show: None, but I hardly ever watch TV, so what can I say.

Favorite Video Games: AoK for computer, Ocarina of Time for N64. Those two stand above the rest.

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Who is you favorite actor? jim carrey

Who is your favorite actress? jessica beil

What is your favorite Band? social distortion

Who is your favorite singer? jack johnson

What is your favorite book? hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

What is you favorite movie(s)? old school

What is your favorite food? sushi

What is your favorite radio station? kroq

What is you favorite color?green

what is your favorite past-time? baseball

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