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Palisade - Upgrade to stone walls


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Hi team,

I am pretty excited, I have learned a lot of skills recently - 3D modelling skills continue to develop and I have been able to put my own custom portraits ingame (which is a big deal for me). I now start the game with a read made castle that uses the walls you see here:


What I would like to do is start the game off with wooden palisade and then allow the player to upgrade each wall segment to stone. The problem is that the stone wall models are not the same size as the palisade models. That means that a perfectly shaped wooden fort is going to look odd when it gets upgraded to stone. Is there anyway easy way for me to make the wooden walls exactly equal in length to the stone walls? That way I know that if the wooden fort looks perfect ingame that it will also look perfect ingame when it is upgraded to stone...

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On 01/07/2022 at 4:30 PM, Stan` said:

Make new palisade models ? :)

Yes, that is what I am asking about. I have been trying to do it in blender but the measurements are clearly not accurate. If you look at this wall you can clearly see that the measurements don't make sense based on a visual inspection. The wall is roughly as high as it is long. There may be some variation in the length and height, but certainly not to the extent blender is suggesting.

All I need to know is exactly how long this wall is. Then I can make my palisade that exact same length.


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Or you can import the wall model. Make sure to tick "import units" in the import options.

Then all you need to do is make another wall, that is that size and export it.

When in object mode, Z Y and X depend on what you have selected.

Dimensions are visible in Object mode


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