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How hot is it where you live?

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During the end of june it was extremely hot here (to our standards), from 35-38C. Now it's much less hot, yesterday only 15C though temperatures are rising again to around 20. It did rain a lot last week, a neighbour province was recognised as "disaster area" because many regions there were flooded.

I live just at the border and behind our house there's a swamp. If it rains that much it becomes a small lake, always impressive to see :D

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Its about 30C here in norway today, and that is extremely hot =)

You wondering why i am sitting on my computer instead of being outside?

I understand, well, its easy:

For a couple of days ago i went out in the extremely hot sun, and get burned A LOT. Now i cant sleep at night because i have to lay on my back in the same position as always, and cant really move. Its killing me. So thats why =)


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