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Non-Combat Experience - Can female citizens and citizens-soldiers gain experience without engaging in combat?

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I would like the female citizens and citizen soldiers to gain experience simply by doing a particular kind of work (chopping down trees, mining, building). Any ideas how to do this?

Even better would be if certain upgrades could be unlocked based on the tasks the citizen had been doing. As an example, if they do a lot of chopping down of trees they could have the option of being appointed (upgraded) to a "Lumberjack".

Everyone in my mod can be upgraded from a normal citizen once they reach elite status. The can follow the nobleman path upgrade, the retinue path upgrade, or the peasant upgrade path. For the female villagers I want there to be a "Lady" path upgrade. The problem is that the female citizens will never get the chance to have a choice because it is very difficult to gain them experience.

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On 26/06/2022 at 1:03 PM, Stan` said:

I don't think you can unlock an upgrade though. Experience cannot as far as I am aware be used for now as an upgrade requirement.

You can let them promote into an entity that can upgrade?

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