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Monthly Review - June 2005


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This individual has been awarded the following due to outstanding accomplishments as the 0 A.D. Staff Member for the month of June:

Jan Wassenberg for his consistent work ethic and great troubleshooting skills. Jan has been steadily been expanding the debugging code, and is always ready with his bug stomping boots. Cheers Jan, may the bugs always fear you!

Accomplishments for the month of June:

  • Improved handling of OpenGL extensions, and removed dependence on support for S3TC.
  • Started implementation of Atlas scenario editor.
  • Hired a tool programmer and general programmer.
  • Revised terrain XML design.
  • Rewrote GUI scripting reference in Wiki.
  • Wrote GUI coding conventions.
  • Finished first version of the Odysseus Editor (WYSIWYG, UBB code converter tool).
  • Revised and propped the Carthaginian Structures.
  • Random Generator impoved to include objects, elevation, smooth, clumps, and layers.
  • Made a few more terrain textures.
  • Improved Colour Tester tool.
  • Updated the sound file tree on the server.
  • Worked out Audio XML sceme.
  • Preliminary GUI thinking as it relates to Sound Design.
  • Thought deeply about Nonstandard Randomization for Sound FX.
  • Lots of work on debug code,interface and documents finalized.

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