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So Summer is back, and so it begins...

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Well, seems summer passed unnoticed, so, let's all celebrate the zenithic Sun and the longest day! Oh, and lets all light big joy fires tonight! (This is a traditional way of celebrating the summer solstice in Québec)

So, some particular days you're waiting for this summer? Mine is on the 15th of July : the first time I'll celebrate my great day with my flag. Then, I can only wait for the end of August : Japanese courses will be back online. And I don't have anything planned this summer. The best time will be nest year (In Japan!)!

Oh, and Happy Saint-John-the-Baptist day!

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Thanks for making a topic about this. :)

Well in summer I am volunterring at Meals on Wheels for a few days a week.

I'm doing driver's ed, little late, should have done it last year but didn't have time. Now I do. :P

Going to listen to more music!

Host a 4th of July Party probably.

Work on my Chemistry AP homework for next year's classes. :)

Build several electronic kits for fun. (y)

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