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Designing efficient economy for continous production of units


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       Have you ever found that you are floating a lot of resources in the game, or some of your production buildings are idle because you are lacking one type of resource? This is because your economy isn't optimized to support the production of units. It is not trivial to know how many production buildings you should build, and how to accurately distribute your workers on each resource to support non-stop production of these buildings, so that little resources are floating and no production building is idle. If you are interested in building the most efficient economy, my study may be able to help you.

I have analyzed the economic structure of 0 AD Alpha 25 and searched for the most efficient economic models to continuously produce units in different scenarios (see the attached file). By considering the gathering rate of workers, the cost and production time of different units, I derive a simple formula to calculate how many workers are needed on each resource to sustain the production of units at different batch sizes, with and without the economy upgrades. From the calculation results, I make a number of exemplary economic models to illustrate how to distribute your workers accurately on each resource in different scenarios. The results may be adapted to design other economic models for different strategies, and shall be particularly useful when combining with the auto-queue function of the game.

You are welcome to give comments to make improvements.



Designing economy in 0 AD.pdf

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