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Why aren't players with multiple accounts banned?


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6 hours ago, 1123456 said:

But lately things have not been going well. Smurf accounts are ruining the game

The solution is name the title of your game "TG 1350+" to filter out noobs and smurfs. If they join, put them to spec. Furthermore you can disable the player auto assign function in settings.

Since no one is reporting smurfs, maybe you can make a start by listing here the names of smurfs who ruined your game. But be careful, some very old players have no rating and play very occasionally, although they are very talented at RTS games. Other people may have underestimated themselves when reporting rating.

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Probably the best answer is that there are lots of reasons why people have multiple accounts, some of them completely innocent. People forget passwords, get locked out of accounts for whatever reason, etc. imo, the biggest problems with the game is that there aren't enough players in the lobby most of the day. I wouldn't want to do anything to run off players.

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