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ACT Test

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The main problem with the ACT is time. The first two sections manage to lull you into a false sense of security, only to be proceeded by the reading and science sections, each of which require some serious concentration to be finished on time. Since you're just finishing Junior year, you'll probably have taken biology, chemistry and physics, and the science section should sound mostly familiar. Technically, you don't need high school science to do the science section, but it gives you some comfort to know a little bit about you're seeing, and it can come into play if you need to guess. The reading... what can I say? Just start at number one and end at number 40 (there're 40 questions I think). I know a lot of people suggest skipping all around depending on what you're good at and what looks easy, but I prefer to follow the K.I.S.S. method :) (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and go straight through. Just do some quick calculations in the first 20 minutes of the test to make sure your pacing is right, and finishing with 1 or 2 minutes to spare won't be a problem. If you skip any or aren't sure, but could use another minute to re-check, write the question on the top of the page, then as soon as you answer the last question, flip through your test book to find the questions you circled and use your last remaining minutes to answer those.

Well that's my advice, take it for what you want. Although by most accounts I did pretty well on the ACT :P.

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