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Great comic, I was this last Sunday in the paper I think.

All the subtleties are great:

sqrt(121) = 11, which must be 11 'o clock.

4! = 24, which must be the show "24"

sin(1) = 90 degrees (quite hot)

3.14159... is obvious (y) I'm not sure how to solve the fourth one, though.

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\      1      1
|    ------ = -
/      3^m    2

where ^ is exponentiation. (and oo is infinity :) )

Yes, it was in last Sunday's paper. FoxTrot is my favorite comic. It's written by Bill Amend, who majored in physics, so... go figure (y)

Also, note that:

Paige bought "Needless Markup," and there is a painting of an eggplant in the dinner room for some odd reason.

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