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That was creepy!

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I had plugged in my ... how do you name those things, those things you put in your ears with a MP3-player/discman ... into my PC. Then I heard a really low male voice through it and when I took them out of my ears it was gone... (not that I didn't hear it anymore, but it was gone). I knew it wasn't in the song I was listening. I don't believe in God and the Devil, but this was really creepy. I couldn't find anything were it could come from ... until eventually I found out that it belonged to a program I was opening, thank God. B)

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What'd the voice say? :P

I don't know, it look like some dark language, that was creepy. B) (no not the language of Mordor for all you Tolkien freaks :P)

I remember the days of vinyl records... sometimes playing them backwards the artists would hide messages in them.

Yeah, that is pretty cool.

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Haha backtracking. Yeah supposedly if you play stairwar to heaven backwards, you will hear like a satanic paragraph. However, if you're going to listen to it, I advice you don't look up lyrics before listening, because it would be interesting to see if you can pick it out. You see, as makes sense, one's perception a lot more accute when the person expects the stimulus. In this case, I'm interested to see how many people can "hear the messages" without knowing what they say ahead of time and still pick it out. Obviously, one person has done it before, but as for the rest... probably you could count them on one hand and still have fingers left over B).

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