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what makes the game so special for you? motivation

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i searched for motivation postings. why player love this game like so: site:https://wildfiregames.com what makes the game so special - motivation
so i think maybe interesting to start this post.

what i personally really much love is:

  1. i could try modify it self ( We chose to release the art of 0 A.D. under CC BY-SA to allow people to mod the game ..(2010, https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Case_Studies/0_A.D.)
  2. meet people all over the world
  3. works in linux (and many other OS)
  4. i love hotkeys instead of mouse movements => i love autoCiv <3 and love modify it (of course other great mods: boonGui,kateAutoCiv,feldmap, .... but autoCiv ist the most important for me)
  5. and yes i love strategies very much more then shut and run thinks.
  6. sometimes i feel a bit uncomfortable that's it being a some kind of war game. and yes i don't like decrease pop self (we often do it if we are in popMax)


BTW some motivation you could also find here: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/18475-where-are-you-from/

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1. Runs on Windows, Linux, BSD, MacOS - anyone can play it. 

2. Open source, free, no pay to win

3. 2D - doesn't cause motion sickness; very comfortable to play with. 

4. A game that combines intelligence, reaction time, control skills and interpersonal skills.

5. You can engage in a long conversation with real humans and I found that many players are like minded to me (STEM)

6. Amazing graphics (before you apply my mod)

7. Almost endless content, many different ways to play, a huge variety of maps and gamemodes. 

8. If I find an imperfection, I can make a mod to fix it by myself, unlike other games that prevent you from enjoying it. 

9. Very supportive forum

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I definitely like the fact that users can participate by modding the game. I don't even do mods myself  - I'm not really inclined to do it - but I appreciate that others can and do. I also like some of the mods - boonGUI 2.4 is excellent, for example.

I like that strategy plays a leading role in the game. The graphics are really solid, but they're not too distracting and don't get in the way of the strategic aspects of the game.

I really appreciate the commitment to history and a reasonable amount of historical accuracy. Using the actual names for the various buildings is a nice touch. The commitment to historical accuracy could never be 100%. Otherwise we'd just have a game where the Romans are suuuuuuper OP. But the commitment is there, as far as it can go.


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For me, it's simply the best game I have ever played (with Dungeon Siege a close second). Being a huge fan of AOE2, this blew me away. Tbh, I was a little disappointed with AOE3, so this filled the gap nicely. Great graphics, gameplay and all for free plus on Linux. Have been playing 0AD for a while now. Huge thank you to Wildfiregames, devs and all those involved with 0AD. Probably the best open source game on Linux.


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Just now, seeh said:

is it possible to play it in 2D ? i play always 3D

The units are restricted to move within a 2D space and I often aim the camera at a very large angle to the horizontal so that it almost looks like moving chess pieces on a chessboard. 

Some FPS games give me motion sickness, for example CSGO, Minecraft. 

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What makes this game special for me was the lack of a tedious 'campaign' and 'story' which was crippled with limited technology, so that by the time you reached the end of the campaign you maybe had one chance to use all the available options advertised up front in the last battle.  Add to that the fine tuning that you can do with opponents, starting resources, victory conditions, population, map sizes, biomes, making  your own maps--the game is essentially complete if you take a step back and take an honest look at it.

You can argue the AI 1 vs 1 is a little predictable,  but in my experience in a 4X4 with the AI, the random combos of civs, the AI will come up many unexpected responses to try to screw you..(even your AI allies on occasion)

Finally, obviously being open sourced, the game is obviously a personal labor of love and that beats corporate crap anytime.  It's also fun to watch.

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