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Goldenratiophi gets an avatar!

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Now I'll have an easier time recognizing your posts. (I generally look at the avatar first.) :)

Same here, it's annoying when someone changed their avatar :P

Ah - I knew I wasn't the only one around here that did that. :) A while back I made a poll regarding this, but most people said they recognize people by their nickname. Personally, I glance at the avatar first, out of habit, and unconciously memorize everyone's avatars. Then, when people insist on changing them, my brain revolts ;)

What type of fractal is that?

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Wait a sec, I thought Google was your friend.......... :) :)

Wikipedia is your best friend if you know what you're searching for - Google is if you are not yet too sure.

Still, I've also found myself surfing the Wikipedia for random things and reading pages where I got through a lot of link levels.

As for recognizing people, I first glance at the avatar, too - if some of you exchanged your avatars, I'd get really confused ;)

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