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The 0 AD EMPIRES AT WAR, RISE OF ROME CAMPAIGN Is almost ready, Check all these pictures out.

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Hi everyone, just came to share these pictures with you all about the 0 AD Empires at War, Rise of Rome campaign. I have been working on this Gigantic map for this campaign. The Campaign is made for a solo player, but it can be set for up to 8 players if your PC have the power to push so many units at the same time. My PC can do up to 3 active Al so far, Plus the Gaia player. In this campaign, you play as Rome, and have to defeat all faction and conquer the Whole map. You will have to fight  Gauls, Carthaginians, Samnites, Greeks, Spartans, Ptolomeans, Seleucids, Macedonians, Britons, North African mercenaries and Pirates, Capture Catafalques, Cities, Ports and Towns to expand your empire and conquest the Ancient Mediterranean, Southern Europe, Anatolia, Palestine and North Africa.  The Map is gigantic, so expect a lot of hours of play, many Epic battles and skirmishes. The enemies you will encounter are not easy to defeat as many may believe at first, so a lot of Strategy for battle hardened players will be a most in order to defeat them.  So far, the Tests I have been running are working fine, no error so far.  Making all these Factions and units to behave as closely as possible to their own Historical situations 0 AD stile, have been a Challenge for me, so to keep the campaign balanced as well. But is something I did with a lot of Love and passion for this game. I do really admire and love the design and the hard work so many of you, game designers, had put to make this open source Universe possible. My respect and admiration is with you all for such an outstanding job. I will be publishing the campaign soon, here at the Forum, for you all to download and add to your collection of maps, scenarios and campaigns. Here are some pictures I want to share. Thank you all for your time and attention. 














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Yes, they can. I also made 3 crossing for troops to cross from one land mass to another. Ships can cross between them as well. One is from the Italian tip to Sicily, the other one is from  Galipolli in Macedonia to Anatolia, and the other one is from North Africa to Spain.

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