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My Book Has Been Published

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Some of you know of my poems. Many of you remember former 0AD member svede. Well, he and I compiled our poems together in a book and published it today.


Feel free to give it a look. No obligation to buy, i'm just showing it off - that way i'm not soliciting...or whatever. If this an "inappropiate" thread, feel free to take moddie powers out on it.

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BTW: did u included WFG community in the traditional "we wish to thank...", for counsels and criticism i mean? :)

Uh...*reads the 'thanks too' section again*...apparently not. But its understood :(

THANKS WFG FANCLUB! There, happy? A special thanks can go to Erik, he was the one that dubbed me the "prolific poet" and helped encourage me to write more.

Thanks Klaas, Matteo, and Josh.

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