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Bug with "back to work!"

Player of 0AD

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The command "back to work" has a flaw: The woodcutters will not go exactly back to the location where they have been, at least not all of them. Some will search a new tree instead which is close to their current location, and not close to their original location. For example if they have walked some distance during a fight this can be very annoying as they will chose their new trees in the middle of nowhere.

Same problem occurs with pushing orders to the front of the queue

Maybe it also happens with other resources, not only trees

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1 hour ago, Lorenz11 said:

What is the hotkey for this?  I didn t know this hotkey still exists after a2e lol

If the command is available there's also an icon appearing:



I tend to not use the command as I usually have mixed results; sometimes the units simply forgot what they were doing. It's also not working if I unloaded my units at a dropsite which I like to do.

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