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Fighting Borg- with Carthaginian mercenary cavalry


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The mercenary cavalry are known to be difficult to defend in a25. I played Borg- with Carthaginians recently. In contrast to the "conventional" way of building walls to defend the base, Borg- used active attacking strategies to gain an upper hand in the game. Here I attached two interesting games.

The first one is very interesting with an unexpected ending. Borg- used the Ptolemies and rushed me with camels. He was strong in the early game and leading the game with double population of mine. Remarkably, I was able to hold the game and eventually fought back and won the game. It is rare to win vs Borg-, so I am quite proud of this game. 

In the second one, Borg- used Maurya. He adopted a very aggressive strategy and gave me large pressure all the way in the game. I was able to defend and mass some sword cavalry. But eventually I lost. It is a very interesting game, which shows how to fight the Carthaginians with an active attacking strategy.


Borg- vs cl2488.zip

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