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Resource Centre Concept...

Ulysses S Griffin

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I was looking at the concept drawings of the buildings and i took look at the resource centre one..It just didnt look like it to me. The design is perfect but i think it needs a little more detail because if it supposed to be a drop off point for ore, wood and stone at this point, I think you should add a little crane to if for stone(they had cranes back then right, i cant remember), and a smelter or 2 at the back for the ore. And maybe some details like some bars of copper or iron would look nice.

so yeah, thats all i gotta say. Oh and good goin with that interveiw and those new screens :P

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The resource centre really isn't a blacksmith or whathaveyou, so I'm leaving the "smelter" motiff to the military centre which is essentially the blacksmith/armory.

They did have cranes back then, though! The Athenians used very large cranes with which to stack the cylindrical marble sections of their temple columns. I don't know how I'd integrate such a thing into a building that is supposed to be one of the smaller player-created buildings.

However, I think the "crane" idea would be GREAT in the citizen "building" animation... now... how to integrate THAT??? RON has something similar in their building animations.

Thanks for the input! Any other ideas, suggestions?! :P

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