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An Idea about the general phasing up and late game


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I've been pondering this idea ever since I've started playing delenda est mod last week (which I fell in love with btw - brilliant mod but I digress)

Proposition - make phasing up more distinctive - how? - well, idea follows the theory that modernizing societies with industrialization brings specialization in the division of labour - and what do I mean by that - well after you develop in phase two (town phase) you get a new unit specialized in better resource production - so you may start preparing for the next phase

And now things get interesting - you could just rush phase three - but - at phase three your citizen-soldiers would now loose the ability to collect resources and become like mercenaries (your city phase grants you "standing army" - soldiers from now on can only fight and build and they should get a bit of a buff like +5-10% hp) - fast phasing up can potentially then leave you with crippled economy if you didn't prepare/made enough of specialized eco-units so then now you would think twice about should you phase rush and win fast or wait out and take time to make sure you are secure for the longer fight


In my honest opinion - diversification of labour would make the town phase more important and not just an ugly child in the middle between the early and the late game - delenda est on the one hand provides you with the better gathering units but on the other hand I feel the early game is a bit too slow because you cannot use your starting troops for the resources early on - and I remember in a23 that each phase did grant a bit of a buff for all troops - so why not make phase 2 more distinguished

I think as well that this could even make TG-s more interesting - having one player focusing on early phase 3 while others supporting him if his rush backfires and he needs to reset economy for example - it would add a subtle layer on the game and rushing last phase would actually need to be better thought through like for example: "Will I be able to support my standing army or is my eco too reliant on my citizen-soldiers" or "Will my faster phasing up help me rush my enemy early or will it help my enemy because I was too eager to phase up"

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