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What do you do all day?

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Schoolwork, hit on girls (and insecure guys too) at school, and homework.

I can't believe how boring I am.

Pretending to hit on insecure guys is definitely great fun.

Especially if you're very secure about your sexual orientation.

Often I sign up for random volunteering things.

I think I volunteered for this one thing for three hours because just about everyone else on the list was a girl.

Aren't I a funny person?

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Mon-Thurs: School, a few hours of cross or track and study study study then any free time I cherish so much that it's practically over by the time I'm done salivating.

Fri: school, track, check in at the TLA meeting then, see if anyone said anything that may concern me, then go out.

Sat and Sun: homework, and w/e project I may be doing at the time.

And there's lots of eating in there two... mmm I love eating so much

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