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I got a job!

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is 3.50 a good amount?]

over here we get about 12.75/hour and upwards

Pounds are worth much more than dollars, I think... a pound is like 1.5 €, which is like 2$... so he's getting 7$ or something around that, which is pretty good for the first wage with being 14 years old - I remember to have worked for 5€ per hour back then (which is roughly the same, but the job was computer support, which is usually quite high-paid here in Germany).

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I have a work as well, minimum wage (7,45$CA)... But I'm tiring up myself, they keep on giving me 25 hours each weak. It's just too much. I have shcool and housework to do... (I asked 15h/week, at MOST and only once every 3/4 weeks, 20.)

Yes, I'll have 750$ each month... But, I don't need that much money, and it will tire me up. If I work 18h/week,I still get over 500$, and its okay with me, and I won't kill myself working.

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I have work too ATM, well several jobs actually. During summertime I do some big web design projects (usually 2 at €1.000/project) and during the year I have a job as website updater (€25/hour, 1 hour a week) and I'm making layouts (3 thus far at €300/layout).

It's a big improvement compared to my previous jobs for which I was paid around 7€/hour, 5 days/week, during 4 weeks a year.

Sadly though in Belgium there's a limit to what you can earn each year as a student, around €2250, so I have to limit my jobs to that. In case I earn more I'll have to pay taxes.

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