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Monthly Review - January 2005


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The following are the outstanding accomplishments by the 0 A.D. Staff Member(s) for the month of January:

John Mena (aka NoMonkey): An inactive member recently returned to the fold, John has taken advantage of his easier schedule to, in a period when our regular graphics programmers have been occupied with RL, really put in some hard hours at WFG.

Many programmers did some great things this month (Philip, Jan, Simon... ), but they have won the award multiple times, and we decided to give it to a rookie.

Accomplishments for the month of January:

  • Five historical articles written
  • In-game unit descriptions completed and implemented
  • Several greek voice acting files recorded
  • Two new audio tracks composed and mastered
  • Horse has been updated visually with a new mesh, textures, and animations
  • 13 new animations made
  • 50 different shields modeled
  • 60 different helmets modeled
  • Weapon textures finished
  • Nearly all Iberian structure concepts finished
  • Bundle of work on the Input control
  • Memory debugger ported to Linux/glibc
  • Redesigned scripting interfaces for the Networking Subsystem
  • Found and fixed some misc. bugs
  • Library fixes
  • Created a multi-function memory tracker
  • PASAP III (networking) goals underway
  • Preliminary player ownership and control over entities
  • Rewrote GUI coordinate system (again)
  • Built TCP/IP connection frontend
  • Improved minimap; now includes player colour and camera boundary
  • Texture converter created to convert to and from *.dds with a plethora of options
  • Automatic build tool made
  • ScEd modified to use the new player ownership settings
  • PNG flipping problem fixed
  • Template entities created for all buildings and units in the game
  • Atlas UI scripting started
  • RMS design document revision
  • Revised the in-game manual (unit statistic display)
  • Team/Player colour system implemented
  • Surpassed 100K lines of code, in 593 files at 2.5MB
  • Many bugs were terminated, yet more were inevitably made to be destroyed next month

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For now, we've set things up like the first solution - but that's not a final decision of course. Still, there will a free camera rotation in 0 A.D., but once you release a key, it will snap back into default view (at least that's how it was planned last time I checked :P), so there's no real need for fancy things like rotating or three-dimensional minimaps.

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