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0AD - Is it 2D or 3D - like SWG, ETC.


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Remember the old build in summer where you could send houses to walk (or probably better: "hover") around the map? 

Hahahah, one of the more enjoyable bugs that we've had :P Later on when the game is playable I'm seriously considering modding my own gamemode where you can move buildings like in that one bug, I wonder how interesting that would make gameplay

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Ye more ye better -

once controlling a few "Cohortes" POP Cap of 150 seem very low, especially when you want to put several (big) Armies at different Locations -

and such Stuff - ye more ye better - (that is important for example for BIG Maps)

The Game Engine should be the Limit (so if there are maximum 8000 Units possible to be managed for example, and the Game is going to have 8 PLayers max - then take 1000 for example)

you could also make some other "requirements" for HIGH Pop Counts that Limits the possible Maximum of Units in another Way - for example additional Settlements or special technologies that help raising Population-CAP (Medical Things, or better Food/Farm-Technologies - or there can be only a certain Number of Units produced in a while, becasue of another resource "Population" - and if you "train" you also need to pay Population, and some Buildings produce this automatically (and also imaginable that some Technologies improve this - or there are several Buildings that will produce "Population" (with a different Rate), and there could be also Buildings that cap the MAXIMUM REAL (not the "resource") Population (for example with 1 "main Settlement" Building you could hae POP100 - makes 10 "main Settlement Buildings for (theoretical) POP 1000 - Houses need to be placed nevertheless of course to make this theoretical POP useable)

but maybe thats all not nessessary and just a POP-Limit of 1000 (or more or less of course) is ok

- thats my Opinion (more Units more Fun, combined with a nice "System" thats Limits this somehow it also offers more and additional strategic elements)

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