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Must Change Nickname

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Well, I've seen it was common for people to call me in those posts **Yieul (It's even in my profile in 0AD...), but my nickname actually is Yiuel, coming from Yiu-El, and backwards from U-L (pronouce them), hence from my real name Ugo Lachapelle... And Yieul is so ugly to my ears, since it is close to Quebec French Yeule, from French Gueule, meaning "jaws"...

Hehe, would like to understand why so much people use Yieul... ;)



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Hehe. I knew someone in times way before I ever came here, that called me Yiu (from the first part of Yiu-El, the old form of Yiuel.)

I had an interesting talk with a friend of mine regarding nicknames. Could they eventually evolve to become our real names? I for example could be called Yiuel without any problem. I would even be honoured to be called so. Other possible nicknames are :


LeMelvillois (my actual pseudopatronym)

Dunumij (This being from the fact I am the inventor of Thenqol, not because of RPT II, BO ;))

Tama (the actual Japanese translation of my name : family name would be Kodera (Lachapelle) or Kitashima (LeMelvillois))

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In fact, it could be a great name, Red having a lot of connotations.

In Japanese culture, it is the color of brightness, intelligence, vivid and everything positive. The sun is drawn red by a Japanese, never yellow (as we see it in Occident). In our Occidental culture, it has connotations of fierciness and courage, but also killing...

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This comes from the normal rendering of my name in Japanese :

Yuugo Rasyaperu (UGLY! but really close to how I actually pronouce my name in English)

In Japanese, a diminutive is created with "-chan" in front of your name (or a debased form of it, here Yuu).

So, Yuu-chan... This is used by a friend I call Mii-chan (her name is Emilie, Emiri in Japanese)

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