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The only reason why I switched to Firefox is because my IE didn't want me to see my gmail. I downloaded it, it worked, and I gradually got used to it. And, since then, I'm probably in heaven and don't realize it much. Oh well! (Oh, and I only pledged by IE before :D)


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I also "resisted" IE for a while.

I only started using Firefox because my IE developed some strange habits that were quite annoying.

In the end I found that I liked firefox because of the extensions it has:

I have a web dev extension that lets me see the CSS of pages really easily, and also various structural components.

I have adblock which I can use so that I never have to deal with an unwanted banner ad ever again.

I have chatzilla which lets me communicate on IRC.

I have a free, built-in FTP extension (fireftp) since WS_FTP is no longer freeware.

I've got a news reader built in.

And a utility with which to check my bandwidth.

I don't even use tabbed browsing.

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a little info about my computer for future reference. :P :P
  • 2.8ghz AMD
  • 512mb RAM
  • 128mb video
  • 80gb sata hd
  • 17 in monitor set to: 1280x960

Woah your computer is virtually intentical to mine except I'm on 1280x1024 and have a 2.8 Intel

oh, and i must let you know up front, i am a very proud IE user! :P (don't bother trying to convert me. lol. every forum i am at, they have tried.....mwahaha)

That's not gonna go down well

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I read somewhere that  Verizon was testing out fiber optic dsl in some town in Texas. If I remember is was only 45 a month and with that you got 15 megabit connection! B) But that is in testing phases in that town only. ;)

Welcome to wfg.

Yep, 'tis Fiber to the Premises. Verizon's service is called Fios and is available here: http://www22.verizon.com/fiosforhome/chann...rnetForHome.asp

Aww, it's not available in my area yet... ;)

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