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So in other news

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I've been there before... their nachos are too salty

B) B) B) How dare you speak out against Chipotle!


No way!!! Im heading there now actually :D

don't tell me it was over 2 hours???

Ok, I wont say it, but, uh......yeah, you get the idea.

they may have thought that you were a tramp who was looking for heat in the restaurant texto.gif

No way!!! Chipotle's too good for stuff like that.

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Were you just sitting there or were you actually eating?

Just sitting there and reading.. then I got hunfy for mexican

I don't like Mexican food too much, though. I don't like spicy food. (My definition of spicy food is anything as spicy or spicier than the cheese on nachos


how can you not like spicy food!!!!!

All my food is spicy!

, I dice jalapeno peppers and throw them in smile.gif

I grow my own so I always have a fresh supply of chillis. man I love chillis.

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To me, eating should be a pleasant experience, not a painful one :P At Quaker Steak, one person I knew ate 9 Atomic wings and wasn't in school for two weeks. And IIRC, Adam said someone he knew ate a napkin after an atomic wing. Those things are deadly; I just stick to unspicy but sweeet BBQ.

As for restaurant sitting longevity, I spent around 2.5 hours at Applebee's one night, w/o getting kicked out (probably because we're regular patrons there).

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