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Statues to the Gods


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But the psychological effects of a religious statue or monument are unavoidable. Fanaticism is only one of the more obvious effects; at the most subtle level, people simply were happier (thus working harder, if you can agree with utilitarians and/or socialists) thinking that the gods would not smite them down with lightning, plagues, and what have you.

Above that, people in general also seem to fight harder when old traditions and religion is at stake, or needs to be spread. Crusades, Jihads, whatever. Religion grants energy to the otherwise unmotivated.

Religion, as the (if nothing else) clever Marx once said, is the opiate of the masses.

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Like the aura system in WCIII...

The statues could have different effects.

One to Saturn could improve resource output for a radius.

One to Mars could improve morale of the military.

One to Typhon (or some other scary immortal being) could demoralize the enemy.

That is... for the romans.

It ought to be allowed to capture and redo statues, like convert one of Saturn to another Fertility Deity.

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Or you could have various shrines or other such things that grant income (from pilgrimages and donations and such) that a player could capture or place a temple over. For instance, a certain temple to Zeus could only be built if you had under your control a statue to Zeus. Or something to that effect.

Or it could be sort of like the Housing system in Empire Earth.

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