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New articles up!


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There are a pair of new articles up on the main 0 AD site:

An excellent biography by Joshua (Shogun144) on Cyrus the Great


A chronological list of significant Celtic battles throughout the ages by your's truely


Enjoy! Comments and critique are heartily welcome B)

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This might be off-topic, but I see no Jesus articles. Surely he was a great influence during that time w/ his disciples and whatnot.

Maybe you should make a tutorial that involves Longinus the Roman Soldier Stabbing Jesus, teaching the new player how to choose units, move, and attack.

On a side note, maybe I should find a better place to make this post.

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The reason we are not posting an article about Jesus is that while Christianity had a massive effect on the world, until the 4th century AD it was one among people, not nations. Only after Constantine made it the state religion did Christianity have a direct political influence on world events.

In addition, the game is not meant to be a religious one. Although many of the team members are Christian (inlcuding myself B)) it is not something we felt was necessary to do. We may do some articles on ancient religion later on and how it affected the peoples of the game, but no Christianity articles will be done until we are closer to Part II and the Late Romans B)

Concerning Longinus, there is no true evidence that he existed and is probably a myth. How long do you think a nearly blind soldier could keep that fact hidden from his centurion, despite his buddy's help? B)

And game tutorials at this point in time are very premature, since there isn't even an alpha yet. But rest assured, all that is coming :D

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