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Will we reach 600 before 2005?

Do you think WFG will reach 600 members before 2005?  

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  1. 1. Do you think WFG will reach 600 members before 2005?

    • Of course!
    • Not sure, it would be nice though
    • Not sure, and I don't care
    • No!

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590 members now.

I just got one of my friends to register.

Maybe if enough of us invite our friends, well make it to 600.

Hmm.... oh yeah. And I also refered a friend to this place because he wanted help on building a computer. 591 if he registers.

Really have to convince Pteromys to join too..... 592

And Mr. Person-who-always-chooses-a-different-username.... 593

But that's assuming I'm successful in inviting them.

So... umm.... invite all your friends! :P

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Soon to be 599 I hope. I just referred another friend (forgot to refer him at first). I think he'll register.

Unless the new guy is him, but I doubt it. He usually registers as zzzz3660.


Soooo close.

EDIT: Just talked to him. He wants to register with only 1 second left. B)

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